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NOTE: Rules are subject to change... Check rules every now and then. TY

Legion Requirements: Player must be at least 250 potency or more WITHOUT mentor potency, and make sure to emphasize that they would need 3million donation and 10EP for entrance. Deputies and Generals, please be strict about this.

Legion Rules:

- Respect your Deputies and higher ranked people in legion. For they will be my eyes and ears when I am not around.
- Do Not SCAM anybody in game... Scamming is NOT TOLERABLE AT ALL. Immediate expulsion from legion if proven guilty.
- Do Not PK Legion Members or Allied Legion Members. EXCEPT when you are in CATA which is a free pk zone where ally or legion member pk is optional. (make sure to give the drops back though)
- Do Not KS other players bosses. Find your own boss.
- Avoid random PKing... If u must random pk it has to be for a valid reason, and not just because u feel like it.
- No FIGHTING in legion, anyone caught doing so could be expelled from legion.
- No spamming in legion chat, If u are trying to sell items, do so but do not post advertisement over and over again, you have the market to sell stuff at.
- SPEAK ENGLISH in legion chat... anyone caught not doing so has to donate 100k as fine.
- People who has been expelled, WILL NOT BE welcome back in legion. Unless for a valid reason.
- Members who do not like to get killed from enemy legions, and is too scared to fight back, and constantly whine about us having to war them, are free to leave the legion, we are not forcing you to stay, if you are in a legion you must back it up 100% win or loose, u have to support its rules and stand by it.

In a fast growing legion, rules are needed to be imposed. Lets make this an organized legion. Remember to take Screenshots(ss) if there's any problems, to back yourselves up, people will be taking ss of u guys attacking them and only one side of the story will be heard of if u don't have any proof.


Here are a few changes on SR} RECRUITING rules effective today

Deputies and Generals please be aware of this:

- SR} new recruits are to donate 10EP to legion on top of the 3million to legion.

- SR} returnees are to pay 10million gold and 20EP for them to rejoin us.

- SR} 3rd time returnee are to pay 20million gold and 30EP for them to rejoin us.

- Before making members your AIDE, they need to either donate 10EPS or 2million gold to legion. - Or its Your decision to promote them free of charge.
( Officers its your duty to set the standard of your aide's, your responsibility to see that they follow legion rules and that they pass our legion requirements )

Thank you and have a blessed day everyone!!
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