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Default First Crediting Gifts: VIP Trial and Premium Pack

Starting from June 26th, you can claim 14 Days of VIP Trial and a Premium Pack on your first crediting!

Duration: Long Term (Starting from June 26th)


Players who have credited at least $4.99 for the first time can claim a Premium Pack, and can enjoy Level 1 VIP service for 14 days!
Eligible players can claim their prizes from Lorranie (Cronus 214,607). You can also travel by PATH FINDING! Select "Others", then click "Prize Legate" to move there.

Only $4.99, $7.99, $15.99 or $29.99 TQ Point Cards are valid for this event.
Each account can only claim the prize ONCE.

Premium Pack:
A Flying Mount ---- Jade Wyvern or Emberheart
+3 Talisman Pack ---- a +3 Potency Rune, a +3 Berserk Horn, and a +3 Mithril Crown
+6 Elite Equipment ---- Level 70-100, get one set according to your level
A Moon Blessing

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