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Default Have Fun with 5x/8x EXP Boost! (July 17 - 28)

The 5x and 8x EXP is back online again. You'll not only get an awesome outfit, but also make it full of thrilling EXP! What are you waiting for? You can even use the Double EXP Potions to get 10x/16x EXP, or team up to get more

Duration: July 17th - 28th
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Old 2013-07-17, 14:33
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yeah this is good for low level people when you guys gonna come out to help people level 135+?

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Actually is awesome for every1, because you can get 10x and lvl up some eudemon to like lv 130 in 30 mins, that are about 2% of exp on 137+ lvl players, not much, but still its something, and you get a high lvl eud :)
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