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Default May Event Preview-Bloody Pack Giveaway

This May, the wonderful online gift pack has returned! Simply login the game each day to claim FREE PPs and many more amazing gifts! Monsters have raided a PP warehouse, and have been seen carrying PPs around, so you may find some of these packs while you’re out hunting! Let's check out all the big events coming in May!

1. New Packs in the Shopping Mall (Starting from May 1st)

The Fragrant Flower Pack offers lottery chances, while the EXP and Crystal Packs not only contain EXP and Crystals, but useful Babel Edicts!

2. Bloody Pack Giveaway (May 6th - June 12th)

Login the game every single day to claim FREE PPs, God's Blessing, Astral Eudemons/ Mounts, Flower Cards, and more from May 6th - June 5th! If you claim enough gifts, an extra pack will be given to you between June 6th - June 12th, with even more special gifts!

3. New Pack Drops (Starting from May 6th)

Monsters will be carrying some new goodies out in the world! The Three Favor Packs will be replaced by the Star Pack, Moon Pack, and Sun Pack, filled with all kinds of fabulous items!

4. PP Drop (May 12th, 19th, and 26th)

Monsters will drop PPs over these three Sundays, giving you the chance to amass your own fortune!

1. Credit To Get Extra PPs and Packs (May 6th - May 22nd)
You'll not only earn yourself extra PPs when crediting TQ Codes, but also a Dark Pack and Privilege Pack! With this special privilege, you'll be able to use PPs to buy lots of items normally priced for EPs!

2. VIP Club: At Your Service (May 20th)

The new VIP Club is coming to serve you! Tons of surprises are waiting for VIPs, along with great deals and terrific rewards!

3. Gift Chests and Lottery Chances (May. 30th - June 24th)

Your online time will earn you chances to open these strange chests full of gifts, as well as chances to try your luck in the Lottery!

4. EO Veterans Wanted (May. 30th - June 24th)

Call you companions back and earn useful rewards for both of you!

Go check it the event link:
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