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Question In-game Questions, discover the game

Hello guys I found this game few days ago and I love it 101%, but I feel I'm just leveling up and nothing else so I'd like your help to let me know more about the game I'll leave some enumered question below so you can numer your question too to make it easier

1 - I want to know more about demons, Which stat is most important, INI or GR? and as necromancer which demon should I wear because there are many and I'm really lost

2 - To increase demon's stars I need to composing them I know, it says thye need to be the same "Type" but I've noticed most of demons have their unique "Type" so how come will I upgrade mounts like Frostwing to 10*+ ? do i need to buy a tons of eggs and composing them?

3 - I always see people with millions and millions gold but it's really hard for me to get even 100k lol, is there any trick or a way to farm gold?

4 - I've looked on website's guides almost all of them and they swear you can summon up to 2 demons but I can only summon 1. only way I was able to summon 2 is by a kind of bug when composing when I set both demonds on requireed slots they become both summoned but only by few minutes

I will really appreciate your time to read and answer with your opinion it will help me a lot to understand and enjoy more about the game
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4... to summon more than one pet you need to do the 3 summon quest or buy a god stone. As a necro you will summon 2 pets and your necro spirit will be the 3rd.

Also as a new player its good to get a good mentor who is willing to answer questions and a good legion with helpful members.

3 Most of the players that have so much gold have been playing a long time.. they do caria and sell the eggs/stones from there. Plus some events in the past gave good gold..
Ways to get gold include: sell super stones to npcs
sell eggs to npc
sell things on auction
hunt and sell elites for gold.

good luck and enjoy
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1. They are both important. If you focus on Star growth your Eudemon will give more BP but it will be weak in quests and stuff. So it is better to focus on both.
There is a guide in the forums you can check that out.

For Necro you should get a M-Atk and P-Def or just M-Atk eudemon.

Sagar, Wally or Furries are are a good choice for beginners since they don't cost much and besides you can compose any Necro pet with another Necro pet.

2. Use UniO or UniXOs. They are universal minor pets. Pets also have Element types such as Earth,Fire,Water,Wind and Thunder. Thunder is also universal and rare. A Thunder pet can composed with any element type.

3. Sell Sup Stones like : Super Violet to NPCs , Deliver Logs(need 10* mount), buy empty exp balls, fill them up and sell them for gold or EPs. Sell stuff on booths for Gold.

4. All the classes can summon up 3 pets but Necro, Vamp and ShadowKnight have Soul/Spirit which is 1 of your 3 pets always summoned.So you have one pet outside and the Soul/Spirit on the inside. If you want 2 pets outside you need do 3 Summon quest or buy the God Stone from players not NPC(go with this) 3 summon quest is way too boring and you will need sacrifice a 15 star pet. It's easier to get like 300 EPs and buy a God Stone.

Hope this helps.
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to break down inis vs grs:

inis are the stats of an eudemon at level 1

grs are what's added at each additional level

when it comes to growth rates though, there are 2 to look at: main and sub

main attributes can keep increasing (kinda forever, but it slows down to 0.001 per compose at really high stars) while subs do have a max value

as an example, an eudemon with ini hp 90 and a hpgr of 62.5
at level 101 would have 6340 hp

same pet with ini hp 290 and hpgr of 50 would be 5290 at 101
i usually do grs before inis personally, but both will eventually make it stronger

as for composing, since you're a necro, i'd like to add that for minors in main composing, any "spirit" pet can be used as a minor, so that sagar from previous post can be raised in main attribute composing (pdef gr and min/max matk gr) using wally eggs found while killing, or from summoning socorros from realm. besides necro spirit pets, built in pets for necro, vamp, and shadow knight, and babies, you'll need to use either the same eudemon as the main one, or unio/xo as previous post

so to build that frostwing you mentioned, you'll need more frostwing eggs (which can be used for ini and subs as well) or unio/xos
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