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Default Special attributes

Can anybody answer me what are special attributes for(like water attack and F-soul) and how exactly it works?

I've got f-soul lvl 4 on my boots, but don't know what it is. On the site is written it's pretty rare, so it gotta be useful thing.
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15 points of 1 element = 1 Super Citrine.

Let's say you have Wind element with most points on all of your gears. It is the only that will be counted. So if you have 15 or more points of Wind in your gear(in total) you have at least 1 Sup Cit.

The F-Souls are useless. They don't do anything since the beginning of the game. There myths and stuff : Some people believe that it gives extra attack or they are just like elements but majority of the people don't believe this.
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