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Default Newbie really needs your help

I entered to the game and i feel a lil lost, so a need some kind of guide to start up, I got few questions to ask.

1 - I see there are only few quest, im now lvl 33 but I mostly leveleed up with some chest converting them into exp is this ok? also which is the way to level up? im out of quest now so i need to grind exp?

I see Gaea give me some trials (of 3 quest) should i do them all?

2- I'm necromancer and I already got 4 wally in my Eudemon inventory plus 3 eggs, should I just delete some wallys and hatched the new eggs to see if i get a better one?

3 - is it better to have the eudmon summon or converte into you?

4 - where can i get new cloth? im naked actually lol, and is there any wya too pick up with a hotkey? or i must click on them?

5 - would be nice to receive any advice since im new in the game i might be loosing some feature, bonus or stuff please i need your help guys

Edit: 6 - I see in-game I can summon 1 eudmon at lvl 10 and 2 at lvl 15, (for 3 i need a quest)
But actually im lvl 40 and i can only summon 1 Wally, i click on summon a 2nd one and nothing hapens
thank you

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1 - Gold Chests are the best way to level up until you are like 70 or 80.After that you can have friends exp which you get from having friend who hunt or have God blessing. You can also receive teaching from high level players 5 times a day and it does give you a good amount of exp. Once you are around level 90-100 and have a at least 10* star Wally or some other eudemon, go to Cata Maze with 2x or 3x exp potion and level up there. There are also quests and such that you can do ex: Moonlight Dress. Moonlight Dress + 3x Exp you get crazy amount of exp or join a Legion and ask them to take you on quests with them like Rotten or Frozen Burrow.

YES you should do all the trial quests in each city everyday, once you have enough medals you will get some nice SUPER +6 Gear set and exp of course.

2- Do not delete any eggs or Drop them EVER, you are a Necromancer and you have a Necro Realm you can Sacrifice them to get some other Necro Eudemon by default i think Socorro is unlocked. If you get a wally with Superior, Silver or Gold quality start composing it right away. Necro pets can be composed with any other Necro Pets only. Only by composing that you will have a better pet.

3- Depends on your play style. Converging a pet means you will share the defense and the attack of the pet which means you are less likely to die. Summoned pet are also good but they are more Attack wise and less defense. Since you can only summon 1 pet right now i would suggest Converging. Besides you got Necro spririts Call Of Darkness skill which sends sends those annoying spirits to anyone who attacks you and won't stop until they are dead.

4- Cloth ? you mean armor or Garments ? You can get armor from Golden Chests or buy from NPCs in each city depending on your level.There are always other players in market who are selling stuff but most of them want EPs. You can get Elite gear for 1-2 Eps per gear.

5- Better way to learn about the game is to join a Legion and have friends.High level players will sometime ignore since they might you are someone's fake account or something. There is always an event card in your inventory that lets you know what is going on in game right now so you are not missing out on much.The rest you will learn by playing the game yourself. There is something called Boss Hunting, i don't know if you have seen some monsters with the level besides there name for example GreenDevilLvl.17 or something this is a boss. If you kill this boss properly you will get Yellow or Violet stones and Unique gear. Ask anyone in game about boss hunting and they will show you how to do it. It is a good way to make some money in game.

6- For the old classe like Warrior,Mage and Paladin this was true but for the new classes like Vamp,Necro and ShadowKinght it is not. The new classes come with a Soul or Spirit. Which is your characters soul or spirit and it also counts as a pet so it is always summoned and which is why you can only see 1 eudemon outside because the other one is inside of you.So technically you already have 2 summoned pets and cannot have a 3rd. If you want to summon a 3rd pet either do the 3 summon quest which is not worth it in my opinion you can just buy a God Stone from the market and get 3 summons. Get your spirit to 40* become a god and the game will be even more easier.
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