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Default Attention, please

Attention, please:
According to the requirement of QA team, the servers have been shut down for emergency issue. The open time is not clear. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
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You mean they were shut down because everyone was getting free eps and you cant handle that lol its your own fault not ours dont take it out on us.
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You guys really have to start being candid to the players.
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/rant on

The Chinese have no idea how to interact with other countries and cultures.

In China, their people are conditioned from birth to have little or no voice, or opinion.

So, they treat us like we are the same, which could not be further from the truth.

Chinese EO is flourishing, because they accept without question, because they do not know any differently.

NA EO has failed, because most of us understand that, we have options and a free market!

... plenty of other games that are eager to take it's place!

/rant off
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Default where the fk is my eps

where the fk are our eps at we did pay for alot of eps to use on the shop on sale but you fk it op and now all the eps are gone and you havent paid them back or the money and after the roll back the shopping mall prices were fake so we lost alot of eps on it so when are you going to pay everything back to us FIX your mistakes and dont let us pay for them.. or do we need to take all our money back.-


tq is a scammer company
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