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Default Dear Heroes of Cronus,

Due to a bug item "Raw Soul Ore (P-10)", we had to run a temporary maintenance on Mar. 14th and roll the game back to Mar. 11th 00:00. All the datas are now back to where they were before the maintenance time 00:00 Mar. 11th. TQ Point Cards you've credited during 00:00 Mar. 11th to temporary maintenance time on Mar. 14th, will be credited to your account very soon.
We apologize the inconvenience this has caused, and we'll hold the following events as the compensation.
Further more, we will hold a series of event for all which includes:
1. Double EXP for A Week (Mar. 16 - 22)
2. EP Drop (Mar. 16 - 20)
3. Glory Pack For Everyone (Mar. 16 - Apr. 30)
Please login game and claim.
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You still have to give people who won the Valentine's offline event back their prizes.
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Default scammer company

where the fk are our eps at we did pay for alot of eps to use on the shop on sale but you fk it op and now all the eps are gone and you havent paid them back or the money and after the roll back the shopping mall prices were fake so we lost alot of eps on it so when are you going to pay everything back to us FIX your mistakes and dont let us pay for them.. or do we need to take all our money back.-


tq is a scammer company
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