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Default Credit Bonus for All Heroes

Server Cronus is ready for your new journey. Welcome to the new server and take the new challenge! Here we bring all heroes from all servers a credit event.

You can get the rewards and event get PP rebates!

Event Duration: Sept. 27th - Oct. 9th

Win Rewards:
1.Anyone who credits up to $30 during Sept. 27th - Oct. 9th, will win a Divine Glory Pack, with 270 PPs, a Thunder Juice(B), 3 God Tear(B), and three 30-Star Saint XO(B).
2.Anyone who credits up to $80 during Sept. 27th - Oct. 9th, will win a Looming Emissary or a Fantasy Emissary.(You'll need to choose one from them when you leave your information)
3.Leave your character name, server name, and character level down below, so we can select your account information to deliver the rewards.

PP Rebates:
What's more, you can have PP rebate when you credit only the following 4 kinds of TQ Point Cards. (e.g. If you credit $15.99 Cards x2, you'll get extra 330x2 PPs. PPs will also be delivered 3-5 days after Oct. 9th )

$7.99 - 135 PPs
$15.99 - 330 PPs
$29.99 - 660 PPs
$59.99 - 1,380 PPs
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Default Rebate

Character name: Anubis
Server: Cronus
Divine Glory Pack
Pet: Looming Emissary
PP rebate: 19x 59.99$ 1x 29.99 = 26880pps

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Server: London
Character Elaeon~Elensar
Level 134 (May be level 135 a time of distribution)
Currently credited 1x $59.99 card on 9/30 = 1x rebate of 1,380 PPs
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