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Default Welcome and Introduction

Hey All,

I am # 47Maximus# 47 from Aries/Taurus server and the Leader of Champions. I wanna welcome ya all @ the Champions Legion Page in Forum.

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell your Charname, what Char u have, and with position in legion.

Name: # 47Maximus# 47
Char: Warrior
Position: Leader

Feel free to contact me or to join our legion, for more info u can ws me or Dawn~Azariel.
(My name is written without an spacebar btwn # 47 )
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Heyya All,

I am Dawn~Azariel. Welcome to this page =).

Name: Dawn~Azariel
Char: Vampire
Position: Leaders Spouse

For any questions u can contact me here, in FB (just ask me) or ingame...
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Default Eudemons

Im the fastest.. XD..

By the way im Aeldan Champions General..

2 people above this reply wants me to be deputy but i rejected them.. XD...
I'm not ready yet to be deputy, im just max 713BP at the moment... in 4months and half of playing.. Oh! is that a bad BP?.. hmmm..

Champions is the Most fun Legion in Aries/Taurus Server...although we have a lot of enemy legs... because the other legs members keep on killing our newbies thats why we kill them also..

"they throw a stone us and we throw back ROCKS.."
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Originally Posted by alwin View Post
(My name is written without an spacebar btwn # 47 )
It gives you a list of options where you can turn smilies off when posting, so you don't really have to use space.

Like so: #47

Gone and back again.
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Champions, a good legion for all new and old players.
If you look stability and same treatment of all members and respect depending on action you make.
Liders are stabile and comited to legion, weri petient and helping.
They are only part of legion so do understand ther are other legion member you can engage to help you.
Ther is no tolerance for people who disrespect lidership.
In most legion you see loot of Hig BP people jumping from legion to legion wenever they fill they need to go to momy and cray becouse they get teached lesons thet rules applay to them to, and thats no way of making frends.

Most people dont understand that behinde legion flags ther is something caled frendship wich mather mor then color of other person name.
Legion is just begining but not necessary end of frendship.

For Who am I and my name, i choose not to say, who know me know my name.
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Just a Quick hello from your allies guys

Server : Aries Character : ^Azzanie^ Legion:Cadis_Etrama

Fairy Tail Forever
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