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Default A *MUST KNOW* for all members

Writing it down once again since we have got a few more new people and all old posts are gone together with old forum.
  • PKing/KSing ally/member = ban and legion KOS for life.
  • Scamming = same as above, regardless of victim. Exception to cases when recovering lost items from known scammers and returning to rightful owner.
  • PKing/KSing neutral legion = kick.
  • If you need a P-stone for your pets (any), ask deputies. If no response, leave me a message. Do not buy from market what you can get for free from legion mates. P.S. We don't get P-stones for you to sell.
  • I am selling ExpBalls for 500K to all legion members (exclusively). If you need loads, be so kind to ask beforehand - I normally fill only on weekends or don't do at all if nobody needs them.
  • You can trade 6* echo for 10 echo eggs with me. Legion members only, your friends not included.
  • If you have a conflict with other member, you speak about it with deputies or leader. We cannot solve problems we know nothing about.
  • If you ask to join somebody, you are responsible how he/she fits into legion and follows the rules.
  • If you resign without saying a word, you are not coming back.
  • Legion booths - No.6 and 19

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