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Originally Posted by User558527475 View Post
thank you guys , by the way i was asking about number of hits not months,
i want to know whether it's 8 or 13 cus if it's 8 i will post a sugestion/request to make it 13 lol
it won't matter our suggestions never go through. Like EVER!

and you can check here for the warrior skills
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Originally Posted by SinghNature View Post
it won't matter our suggestions never go through. Like EVER!

and you can check here for the warrior skills
thanks bro :D

I didn't find the goddesses skills in the list of warrior skills.... i think the same thing goes on the other classes it's link


But i found them in here

Hopeless as usual divine chain chop has a total of 8 hits.

Comparing warrior to vamps and SK... in my opinion 2 things must be discussed
in my opinion nothing got balanced, cus

warriors got an aoe yay....... ,but it's *120* degrees not *360* like others, which means it's action will be an exact copy of star sword.
2nd point; it costs sp the same sp which is used for consecutive skills like chain chop, that will drain sp rapidly....... while in vamps mp is used so sp won't be affected, while having no cost in one of sk aoe even if it's strongest aoe costs 1sp it still has another aoe with no sp.

number of hits of chain chop is pretty's exactly the half of blood raid hits and 3/5 of soul crusher comparison to one another at the same level 150... using level 140 gears same divine phase +12 etc....

warrior and sk have the same attack points has higher defense points

warrior has a slightly higher attack and defense points than vamps..... but not to a degree that makes vamps way over powered.
and ofcourse sp and number of hits differ alot in quests specially in time taken to finish each quest run :/........u know how it matters

so it would be helpful for warriors to modify their new aoe sp cost, it already has a defect wich is having a limited range of 120 degrees. And also number of hits......of all of it's skills.............what would happen if chain chop became 13 or 14hits ?!................................................thanks for reading.

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Default lol

why post that crap on the usa forum when its only for the china servers ..

everyone know that it wront happen on the usa server and that tq dont care about them unles if they need more money then they make a new money events but nothing els.-
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