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Default Up to 80% Off! Check Out Shopping Mall Mar. 11 - 17

Check out the Shopping Mall for the exciting sale! Discounts are up to 80% off! Get them before 23:59 Mar. 17th.

Duration: Mar. 11th - 17t

Click here to know about the details.
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Default scammers

where the fk is my eps i am missing like 10k+ paypal eps + a 140 wad and the shopping mall is fuck that prices are still low so when i get a super box for the on sale event but the prices are the normal now and we cant see that in the shop so now you stole more eps from your players + i got a few p8 necro crystals so nw you own me alot more eps then the 10k+ so are you going to pay me back in eps or do i get my money back.-

and i know am not the only one who got scammed by the shopping mall så pay us back everythink that you own us now and not in 8 weeks but now
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