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Default 10th Anniversary! EO Makes Your Wishes Come True!

Happy 10th Aniversary All EO Players!

EO is coming to make your wishes come true on Facebook and the Forum. All you have to do is tell us what you want most! It's time to make your wish, now!

Event Duration: May.20th - June.3rd, 2016


1. Leave us your character name, server and your wish on Facebook or the forum.

2. 4 super lucky players will be selected from Facebook and 2 super lucky player will be selected from the forum. And will get your wishes fulfilled!

3. 20 Lucky players will be selected and awarded 540 PPs, each!

4. All prizes will be delivered within 3-5 working days, after the event ends!
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Default Happy 10th anniversary EO!

Character name: LilShiz
Server: London
Wish:1 Skybreaker egg
Thank you and happy anniversary!

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Name: IllumiaChaos
Server: New York

I want 500.000 eps.
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Old 2016-05-20, 22:33
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Character name: SinghNaturez
Server: Aries/Gemini

I wish for 1 000 000 EPs.

It is good as any and there is no reason i shouldn't get selected.

SinghNaturez Aries/Gemini

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Happy 10th anniversary!

My wish is a Rainbow Pegasus egg. I love that mount, but so far I haven't been able to get one in the game... So if I could win one, that would make me very happy :)

Character: ?angelica?
Server: Toronto/Sydney
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I wish for one or all of these, Rainbow Pegasus, Dragon Ozachy, Immortal Phoenix, Eagle Sorronda. Thank You.
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Old 2016-05-25, 04:15
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In-game Name: Novas
Server: Leo
Wish: I wish I can get 5,000 EPs (or more if you want lol)

Because it's impossible for me to recharge and I want to upgrade Necro Realm and enjoy the things in game!
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10 years.... Huh seems like only a decade ago that I started playing this game..

Anywho, majak from la/lv

What I really wish for is a classic server to be released.... The good old days, just war and Mage, no gods, no knights, no 4 other classes... The good old days. What better time for that then after 10 years strong?

If that's too much to ask for I'll take 20k PPs....
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Character namdle: Creyn
Server: Aries/Gemini
Wish: a laird, that's all

Thank you for giving us a chance to wish and happy anniversary!
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dunno if it's against the rules to enter on FB and forum with same acct, but


(non bound)TGC yedda for HPGR, if that is unacceptable, a non bound laird egg, like everyone else
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